TaskRabbit let's you find trusted help for everything on your to-do list from cleaning to home repairs. I worked across two cross-functional teams serving a 2 sided marketplace (Client & Tasker).  I designed projects for Responsive Web and React Native, a mobile app framework. 



Platforms: Responsive web, React Native (iOS/Android)

Disciplines: UX, UI, User Research, User Testing, Prototyping

Tools: Sketch, Invision Studio & DSM, Principle



Clients don’t always know what TaskRabbit can do and how our process works. They may drop off if they don’t feel they understand it. This new & improved onboarding experience increased user activation from 19.7% to 22.2% resulting in more jobs booked.

Qualitative Study

The goal of the qualitative research study was to understand how behaviors shift depending on environments and how contextual factors affect a user’s decision to choose one device over another. I worked alongside a user researcher to collect qualitative data on a regular basis over 10 days.


People transitioned between different devices throughout one single booking experience on TaskRabbit. The recommendation from this study was to prioritize communications and coordination features in the mobile app and design more robust browsing and research features for the web.


Storefront Redesign

Re-think how users book a task on native mobile. 


Mae it easier for clients to find the task they need help with and design for scale  & localization


User Flows

I did an audit of the entire product and created a user flow diagram using draw.io. For every new or existing feature user flows are used in the handoff to developers.

Usability Testing

I tested the ideal version of the new iOS storefront with 6 new and exisiting Client’s to get their initial reactions and feelings of the new layout. How do they interpret the content in each section? How would they use it to find what they’re looking for? Anything helpful or not helpful? What would be most helpful for moving forward?

Search is the go-to interaction. Every participant went to the search bar to look for what they’re looking for when they had a task in mind. If there’s a button tag matching what they need, they use the tag instead of searching.

Repetitive contents created confusion among the participants. They were not sure what the differences were and why they were seeing so many options in different way. If it's not relevant to what the Client has in their mind, it’s more of a distraction to Clients then helpful content when booking.

Integrating cross platform features

I previously worked on a carousel for the web featuring popular tasks based on actual descriptions from Clients inputs. I ported over this familiar interaction into the native mobile experience to give Clients a more personalized experience.

Web Carousel on Homepage

Mobile Personalized Carousels

Tasker Registration

The main goal was to create a more unified, modern, and trustworthy experience for new Taskers. The secondary goal was to create a path to sustainable growth domestically and internationally.


High-Level Flow

The first step was to bring cross-functional teams together to formally kick-off the project and figure out the ideal flow for users.

Understand & Design

I completed thorough investigation of the problem space and solutions. Ready with the necessary research, design, and data to feel confident investing in design & development.


Usability Testing

  1. Tested the happy path of registering to be a Tasker and reveal any gaps in the flow
  2. Find points of friction and expose opportunities 

Web Responsive experience

Taskers can register on web, mobile web, and native apps for a frictionless experience. 


Onboarding Experience

Help registrants know that they need to add more details about their business and verify their personal information in order to become an active tasker.


Marketing Website

The main goal of the revamped marketing site was to promote top reasons why to become a Tasker by aligning value propositions with the overall TaskRabbit brand. 


Key Results

We shipped these designs in a single market first to test as a baseline for further development globally. We launched an MVP version in the UK first since it was our worst performing market and so that we could could leverage learnings to support new registrants as we grow into new markets.

key results2key results2

Design System

I designed three design libraries that included base styles, components, and layouts for TaskRabbit's Mobile, Web, and Tasker teams.


Invision DSM

Using the Invision DSM integration withing Sketch I collected reusable components, created clear standards, that could be assembled together to build 3 TaskRabbit products with consistency.