Platforms: iOS & Android

Disciplines: Mobile First, Branding, Website Design, UX, UI, Site Architecture 

Shapa is a personalized experience that combines an innovative scale with a user-friendly app to track and motivate you. I designed the mobile iOS & Android apps simultaneously to kick start product adoption across both mobile ecosystems.



Framing the problem

Achieving long-term weight management success often becomes a tedious, never-ending obstacle. Losing weight can be fun; the Shapa journey takes your personality, habits, and environment into account while devising a perfectly tailored program to help you achieve healthy milestones.







Logo Explorations




UX Flow


I started by whiteboarding the app to quickly create user flows to figure out the overall flow of the app. I kept user and business objectives in mind to accomplish these pre-defined goals. I find it's most efficient to get a bunch of ideas/iterations on paper without investing too much time in a design application to create a flow.


I created a high-fidelity user flow mapping out onboarding, error states, conversion funnels, and core interactions.


I wanted to create a simple yet elegant feeling while designing the look of the scale. One of the goals was to create a product that wouldn't be necessarily confined to a bathroom; something that could fit naturally into a living room or bedroom. 

The team and I ended up choosing a cherry wood finish which implies a more sophisticated, high-end product for the first version. After launching to the public we also included a more sporty orange color, which aligned with our brand color and resonated with our younger users. 




Shapa Age

One of the primary challenges was creating a feedback mechanism to hook people. Shapa "Age" is a health metric that turns users data into one easy-to-understand number that takes into account your age, gender, weight and other unique signals to change the way we think about our current age equivalency. Shapa color is an easily understandable visual cue to increase the probability of long-term weight loss success.

Shapa intelligently modifies the type and frequency of feedback you receive, increasing your probability of long-term weight loss success. You receive badges for losing weight and streaking which accumulate the longer you use the app.

Here's an unreleased concept integrating natural voice A.I. into the app. "Shapa" would guide and motivate you through the experience, tracking your vitals and health. She would get smarter and coach you to real results.


Here's another concept simplifying the interface geared towards a more athletic audience with colors that pop!

shapa_concept 2shapa_concept 2