Platforms: iOS & Android

Disciplines: Mobile, Branding, Website Design 

Led the redesign of both iOS & Android mobile apps, creating cohesive cross-platform experiences and implementing a new design language and unique branding. I leveraged the opportunity to take creative license to arrive at the best solution for our unique audience, product, and business.




Profile & Stories

Check out what's going on with friends in real time and share your own stories. Customize your profile and add fun stuff about yourself.




A messaging feature that works without a data plan or WiFi connection, built off of mesh networking technology.


Leaning on the Google Material guidelines for the Android redesign helped inform the general design direction.  


I wanted to create a unique onboarding experience where the app “talks” to you and guides you through a lightweight setup, teaching you how to use the app by having you actually complete the functions themselves. This breaks expectations and injects delight and personality into the app.

Conversational UI

I broke the onboarding into bitesized chunks including using the camera, previewing your profile, typing in your username/password and prompting permissions. It's standard to tell people that you’re going to ask them for notification permissions before the popup appears so I pushed this further by explaining why notifications are useful. 


Style Guide

I was tasked with creating a new design language and a rebrand for the look and feel of Jott. The goal was to create a design system that would evolve over time with the growth of the company. The new brand identity acts as an open canvas for users to add their own personality and natural expression through chat.

Brand Promise

The logo is quirky and fun and it's shape hints at speedy messaging while matching the mood and personality of the user. It delivers on the brand promise by engaging teens with colorful aesthetic styles and fun graphics that match the overall tone of the app.